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PHOTO: Ding Shunnian
Ding Shunnian 丁舜年
Electric Motor Engineering Expert


Ding Shunnian, male, Han nationality, is a native of Changxing, Zhejiang Province and was born in Taixing, Jiangsu Province. He graduated from the Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1932.

Ding presided over the design of the largest AC synchronized dynamo in China and a new "Hua Sheng" electric fan featuring low noise. Ding also presided over preparations to establish the Shanghai Electric Motor Factory and he led the design work of the new Minxing Electric Motor Factory.

Ding led in the design of the biggest high-speed induction motor in China. He completed a successful trial production of DC traction motor of trolleybuses and set up the first electronic computer station in the system of the First Machinery Industry Ministry. Ding directed the successful manufacturing of many products, such as high precision control micro-motor, including angle trimming machine, servomotor, and magnetic amplifier.

Ding also directed the manufacturing of new electrical material and insulating material. He led and organized relevant units in the research and manufacture of 0.10million, 0.20 million and 0.60million kW steamer dynamo.

Ding is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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