Birthplace: Hebei Province

Chang Xiaobing (Hebei Province, 1957)
Cheng Guoping (Hebei Province, 1952)
Geng Huichang (Hebei Province, 1951)
Hao Xishan (Hebei Province, 1945)
Hu Zhenmin (Hebei Province, 1946)
Li Jinzhang (Hebei Province, 1954)
Li Lianghui (Hebei Province, 1940)
Liu Xinhua (Hebei Province, 1955)
Lv Guozeng (Hebei Province, 1951)
Ma Yuwen (Hebei Province, 1950)
Song Yuanfang (Hebei Province, 1957)
Tian Guoli (Hebei Province, 1960)
Tian Lipu (Hebei Province, 1953)
Wang Chao (Hebei Province, 1960)
Wang Shuguo (Hebei Province, 1958)
Wang Xianzhang (Hebei Province, 1942)
Xue Linghu (Hebei Province, 1962)
Zhai Jun (Hebei Province, 1954)
Zhang Chengyin (Hebei Province, 1950)
Zhang Fenglou (Hebei Province, 1940)
Zhang Hongli (Hebei Province, 1950)
Zhao Baige (Hebei Province, 1952)
Zhao Dacheng (Hebei Province, 1960)
Zhen Jianguo (Hebei Province, 1945)
Zhou Heping (Hebei Province, 1949)
Wang Zhenchuan (Hebei Province, Anguo, 1945)
Zhang Yanqing (Hebei Province, Anguo, 1951)
An Jian (Hebei Province, Anping County, 1952)
Tong Zhiguang (Hebei Province, Anping County, 1933)
Zhang Zhannong (Hebei Province, Anping County, 1946)
Zhou Tongzhan (Hebei Province, Anping County, 1945)
He Guangyuan (Hebei Province, Anxin County, 1930)
Zhu Xiaoxi (Hebei Province, Anxin County, 1942)
Hao Linhai (Hebei Province, Baixiang County, 1953)
Shi Zongyuan (Hebei Province, Baoding City, 1946)
Yu Chunsheng (Hebei Province, Baoding City, 1961)
Zhang Boxing (Hebei Province, Baxian County, 1930)
Jia Qinglin (Hebei Province, Botou, 1940)
Sun Shoushan (Hebei Province, Botou, 1957)
Dong Hao (Hebei Province, Cang County, 1944)
Wang Jianzhong (Hebei Province, Cang County, 1944)
Wang Xiankui (Hebei Province, Cangxian County, 1952)
Zhang Maizeng (Hebei Province, Cangxian County, 1954)
Li Jinzhu (Hebei Province, Cangzhou City, 1955)
Zhao Jinduo (Hebei Province, Cangzhou Prefecture, 1943)
Liu Jinguo (Hebei Province, Changli County, 1955)
Lu Hao (Hebei Province, Changli County, 1947)
Miao Wei (Hebei Province, Changli County, 1955)
Qi Jingfa (Hebei Province, Changli County, 1943)
Shi Guangsheng (Hebei Province, Changli County, 1939)
Sun Ruibin (Hebei Province, Changli County, 1959)
Wang Dazhong (Hebei Province, Changli County)
Wang Zhan (Hebei Province, Changli County, 1941)
Ji Chuntang (Hebei Province, Cheng An County, 1953)
Ma Chunlin (Hebei Province, Ci Xian, 1957)
Wang Min (Hebei Province, Cixian County, 1956)
Chen Guangwen (Hebei Province, Dachang, 1936)
Du Xuefang (Hebei Province, Dacheng, 1949)
Zhao Tielian (Hebei Province, Dacheng, 1944)
Liu Rujin (Hebei Province, Daming County, 1951)
Tian Chengping (Hebei Province, Daming County, 1945)
Wang Huaichen (Hebei Province, Daming County, 1953)
Yue Qifeng (Hebei Province, Daming County, 1931)
Liang Jinquan (Hebei Province, Dingxian County, 1940)
Yan Minggao (Hebei Province, Dingxing)
Liu Jiansheng (Hebei Province, Dingzhou City, 1944)
Liu Jingmin (Hebei Province, Dingzhou City, 1952)
Sun Xiaoqun (Hebei Province, Dingzhou City, 1944)
You Xigui (Hebei Province, Dingzhou City, 1939)
Bai Jingfu (Hebei Province, Fengrun County, 1945)
Chen Qingtai (Hebei Province, Fengrun County, 1937)
Song Mi (Hebei Province, Fengrun County, 1944)
Wang Jialin (Hebei Province, Fengrun County, 1945)
Wang Rongxuan (Hebei Province, Fengrun County, 1944)
Wang Zhaoguo (Hebei Province, Fengrun County, 1941)
Wang Shiyuan (Hebei Province, Funing, 1955)
Jiang Hongjiang (Hebei Province, Gaocheng City, 1962)
Yang Gang (Hebei Province, Gaocheng City, 1953)
Zhao Keshi (Hebei Province, Gaoyang City, 1947)
Chen Zhixuan (Hebei Province, Gaoyang County, 1943)
Ding Guoyu (Hebei Province, Gaoyang County)
Duan Lunyi (Hebei Province, Gaoyang County, 1951)
Zhang Guoxiang (Hebei Province, Gu'an County, 1940)
Wang Xiaojun (Hebei Province, Guantao County, 1952)
Yang Song (Hebei Province, Haixing County, 1950)
Wang Hongren (Hebei Province, Handan City, 1958)
Ruan Chongwu (Hebei Province, Huai'an, 1933)
Yu Zeyou (Hebei Province, Huai'an, 1932)
Liu Zhenqi (Hebei Province, Huanghua City, 1946)
Tian Zhong (Hebei Province, Huanghua City, 1956)
Yu Jing (Hebei Province, Huolu County, 1946)
Song Jinsheng (Hebei Province, Jiangxian County, 1932)
Du Jincai (Hebei Province, Jing County, 1952)
Chen Xiaoguang (Hebei Province, Jingxian County, 1948)
Ma Wenpu (Hebei Province, Jingxian County, 1945)
Du Yubo (Hebei Province, Jinzhou City, 1955)
Duan Baoyan (Hebei Province, Jixian County, 1955)
Guo Gengmao (Hebei Province, Jizhou City, 1950)
Li Youcheng (Hebei Province, Jizhou City, 1943)
Cai Limin (Hebei Province, Kuancheng County, 1955)
Cao Pengsheng (Hebei Province, Leting County, 1930)
E Jingping (Hebei Province, Leting County, 1956)
Li Haifeng (Hebei Province, Leting County, 1949)
Tong Baocun (Hebei Province, Leting County, 1933)
Wang Tao (Hebei Province, Leting County, 1931)
Wu Dexin (Hebei Province, Leting County, 1936)
Zhang Qingwei (Hebei Province, Leting County, 1961)
Zhang Shiru (Hebei Province, Leting County, 1941)
Chen Chaoying (Hebei Province, Li County, 1958)
Zhang Ming (Hebei Province, Li County, 1957)
Zhao Wenyuan (Hebei Province, Lincheng, 1942)
Nie Chenxi (Hebei Province, Lingshou County, 1957)
Yin Weimin (Hebei Province, Lingshou County, 1953)
Meng Weidong (Hebei Province, Linshui County, 1958)
Liu Feng (Hebei Province, Longyao, 1937)
Wang Taozhi (Hebei Province, Luan County, 1948)
Zhang Xuan (Hebei Province, Luan County, 1958)
Cai Dongchen (Hebei Province, Luancheng, 1953)
Duan Huijun (Hebei Province, Luancheng, 1955)
Li Tingdong (Hebei Province, Luancheng)
Liu Zuotian (Hebei Province, Luannan County, 1941)
Wang Jianmin (Hebei Province, Luannan County, 1942)
Zhang Xingkai (Hebei Province, Luannan County, 1961)
Sun Shibin (Hebei Province, Luanping County, 1951)
Fu Zhenghua (Hebei Province, Luanxian County, 1955)
Wu Chengkang (Hebei Province, Luanxian County)
Zhang Jianmin (Hebei Province, Luanxian County, 1964)
Peng Yong (Hebei Province, Lulong County, 1954)
You Quan (Hebei Province, Lulong County, 1954)
Sun Xiaoyu (Hebei Province, Mancheng County)
Zhang Zonggu (Hebei Province, Mancheng County)
Wang Xuejun (Hebei Province, Nanpi County, 1952)
Wang Xuan (Hebei Province, Ningjin County, 1962)
Cao Qing (Hebei Province, Pingshan County, 1947)
Li Zhanshu (Hebei Province, Pingshan County, 1950)
Qi Tongsheng (Hebei Province, Pingshan County, 1952)
Meng Xiangfeng (Hebei Province, Pingxiang, 1964)
Wang Yifang (Hebei Province, Pingxiang, 1948)
Yin Wenying (Hebei Province, Pingxiang)
He Yong (Hebei Province, Qianxi County, 1940)
Wang Jiarui (Hebei Province, Qinghuangdao City, 1949)
Wang Jingkang (Hebei Province, Qinghuangdao City, 1938)
Yang Dongliang (Hebei Province, Qingxian County, 1954)
Fu Tieshan (Hebei Province, Qingyuan County, 1931)
Ge Zhenfeng (Hebei Province, Qingyuan County, 1944)
Han Ruqi (Hebei Province, Qingyuan County, 1938)
Liu Limin (Hebei Province, Qingyuan County, 1955)
Zhang Baoshun (Hebei Province, Qinhuangdao City, 1950)
Yang Chengwen (Hebei Province, Qiuxian, 1954)
Sun Chunlan (Hebei Province, Raoyang, 1950)
Tian Zengpei (Hebei Province, Raoyang, 1930)
Zhao Jianpeng (Hebei Province, Ren County, 1959)
Liu Yuchen (Hebei Province, Renqiu City, 1952)
Tan Runhua (Hebei Province, Renqiu City, 1958)
Duan Chunhua (Hebei Province, Rongchen City, 1959)
Wu Xianguo (Hebei Province, Sanhe City, 1956)
Zhang Diankui (Hebei Province, Sanhe County, 1954)
Zhou Dehai (Hebei Province, Sanhe County, 1942)
Zhao Heping (Hebei Province, She County, 1957)
Jing Hanchao (Hebei Province, Shen County, 1960)
Du Ying (Hebei Province, Shenxian County, 1952)
Zhou Xiaohe (Hebei Province, Shenxian County)
Song Pingshun (Hebei Province, Shenze County, 1945)
Wang Xiujun (Hebei Province, Shenzhou City, 1956)
Bai Runzhang (Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang City, 1944)
Wang Xinfang (Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang City, 1943)
Liu Jingsong (Hebei Province, Shishou, 1933)
Song Jiashu (Hebei Province, Shucheng County, 1932)
Mu Zhanying (Hebei Province, Shulu County, 1955)
Zhang Shuzheng (Hebei Province, Shulu County)
Fu Shuangjian (Hebei Province, Suning County, 1953)
Wang Yuqing (Hebei Province, Suning County, 1945)
Ma Xiuhong (Hebei Province, Tang County, 1948)
An Zhendong (Hebei Province, Tangshan City, 1930)
Liu Baoquan (Hebei Province, Tangshan City, 1947)
Zhai Taifeng (Hebei Province, Tangshan City, 1933)
Liu Yanping (Hebei Province, Tangshan City, Fengnan District, 1955)
Cui Jindu (Hebei Province, Wangdu)
Liu Yongshun (Hebei Province, Wangdu, 1941)
Zhang Wenxue (Hebei Province, Wei County, 1945)
Li Wenxi (Hebei Province, Wenan, 1954)
Zhai Yusheng (Hebei Province, Wenan)
Zhao Haiying (Hebei Province, Wuhan, 1965)
Zhang Jianxin (Hebei Province, Wuji County, 1955)
Liu Shucheng (Hebei Province, Wuqiang County, 1945)
Zhang Yang (Hebei Province, Wuqiang County, 1951)
Sun Jianguo (Hebei Province, Wuqiao City, 1952)
Ma Wen (Hebei Province, Wuqiao County, 1948)
Wu Shengli (Hebei Province, Wuqiao County, 1945)
Zhang Xingyin (Hebei Province, Wuyi)
Ren Xuefeng (Hebei Province, Xingtai City, 1965)
Zhang Qunshan (Hebei Province, Xingtai City, 1953)
Gai Shanlin (Hebei Province, Xingtang County, 1936)
Lu Jinbo (Hebei Province, Xingtang County, 1963)
Zhang Fawang (Hebei Province, Xingtang County, 1953)
Zhang Zhou (Hebei Province, Xingtang County, 1954)
Zhang Jie (Hebei Province, Xingzhou County, 1958)
Li Weihong (Hebei Province, Xinle City, 1955)
Yang Zhenwu (Hebei Province, Xinle City, 1955)
Gu Jinchi (Hebei Province, Xiongxian County, 1932)
Liu Dezhong (Hebei Province, Xiongxian County, 1944)
Liu Zhiming (Hebei Province, Xushui, 1944)
Shi Changxu (Hebei Province, Xushui)
Wang Weicheng (Hebei Province, Xushui, 1936)
Yang Xinnong (Hebei Province, Yangyuan, 1945)
Gao Qiang (Hebei Province, Yanshan County, 1944)
Song Defu (Hebei Province, Yanshan County, 1946)
Wang Shaojun (Hebei Province, Yongnian County, 1955)
Lu Huanqing (Hebei Province, Yongqing, 1943)
He Shaocun (Hebei Province, Yuanshi, 1942)
Li Liguo (Hebei Province, Yutian County, 1953)
Song Hai (Hebei Province, Yutian County, 1951)
Wu Zhenhua (Hebei Province, Yutian County, 1946)
Zhao Liping (Hebei Province, Yutian County, 1951)
Han Wenxiu (Hebei Province, Zanhuang County, 1963)
Wang Jianping (Hebei Province, Zanhuang County, 1953)
Yu Shaoliang (Hebei Province, Zanhuang County, 1964)
Hou Renzhi (Hebei Province, Zaoqiang County)
Shi Yubo (Hebei Province, Zaoqiang County, 1954)
Zhang Junfang (Hebei Province, Zhangjiakou City, 1956)
Tie Ning (Hebei Province, Zhao County, 1957)
Zhang Xiangtong (Hebei Province, Zhengding County)
Shu Yinbiao (Hebei Province, Zhuozhou City, 1958)
Yang Guoliang (Hebei Province, Zunhua, 1938)
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