BROWSE LOCATION Heilongjiang Province
Birthplace: Heilongjiang Province

Li Hui (Heilongjiang Province, 1953)
Liu Weiping (Heilongjiang Province, 1953)
Qin Ming (Heilongjiang Province)
Wang Huisheng (Heilongjiang Province, 1956)
Wu Dawei (Heilongjiang Province, 1946)
Yu Zaiqing (Heilongjiang Province, 1951)
Zhang Bai (Heilongjiang Province, 1949)
Zhao Weichen (Heilongjiang Province, Acheng County, 1929)
Li Bing (Heilongjiang Province, Anda, 1949)
Yang Yongmao (Heilongjiang Province, Bayan County, 1947)
Zhang Zuoji (Heilongjiang Province, Bayan County, 1945)
Zhang Yi (Heilongjiang Province, Bei'an City, 1950)
Han Changfu (Heilongjiang Province, Bin County, 1954)
Wang Zhifa (Heilongjiang Province, Bin County, 1953)
Zhang Changren (Heilongjiang Province, Bin County, 1953)
Zhao Zongqi (Heilongjiang Province, Bin County, 1955)
Xu Guangguo (Heilongjiang Province, Dorbod Mongolian Autonomous County, 1964)
Jiang Weixin (Heilongjiang Province, Fuyu County, 1949)
Zhang Mingyuan (Heilongjiang Province, Hailun, 1931)
Chu Zhuang (Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City, 1928)
Ding Weiqi (Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City, 1932)
Han Guizhi (Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City, 1943)
Han Zhubin (Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City, 1932)
Hao Qingfen (Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City, 1945)
Hu Yanlin (Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City, 1943)
Hu Zhenghuan (Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City, 1934)
Lin Binyao (Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City, 1950)
Meng Hongwei (Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City, 1953)
Shen Xiaoping (Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City, 1957)
Sun Dianqing (Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City)
Sun Yuxi (Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City, 1951)
Tang Guozhong (Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City, 1952)
Tang Xiaoqing (Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City, 1953)
Teng Jiwen (Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City)
Xie Jialin (Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City)
Zhang Hongwei (Heilongjiang Province, Harbin City, 1954)
Liu Wenpan (Heilongjiang Province, Helen, 1941)
Chen Junsheng (Heilongjiang Province, Huanan County, 1927)
Liang Rongxin (Heilongjiang Province, Hulan County, 1941)
Ma Shujie (Heilongjiang Province, Hulan County, 1942)
Liu Donghui (Heilongjiang Province, Lanxi County, 1948)
Wang Shoushi (Heilongjiang Province, Lindian, 1946)
Du Yuxin (Heilongjiang Province, Linkou County, 1953)
Wang Mingfang (Heilongjiang Province, Longjiang County, 1952)
Hu Zhanfan (Heilongjiang Province, Mulan County, 1953)
Guan Guangfu (Heilongjiang Province, Muling County, 1931)
He Yehui (Heilongjiang Province, Nehe City, 1954)
Wang Xibin (Heilongjiang Province, Ningan County, 1948)
Zhang Baoming (Heilongjiang Province, Qiqihar City, 1940)
Zhao Zhixiang (Heilongjiang Province, Qiqihar City, 1950)
Song Enhua (Heilongjiang Province, Shuangcheng City, 1953)
Li Changjiang (Heilongjiang Province, Shuangcheng County, 1944)
Wen Haiying (Heilongjiang Province, Shuangcheng County, 1950)
Jin Donghan (Heilongjiang Province, Suihua City, 1961)
L Fuyuan (Heilongjiang Province, Suihua Prefecture, 1945)
Wang Lixiang (Heilongjiang Province, Suileng County, 1964)
Li Xueyong (Heilongjiang Province, Tieli City, 1950)
Chen Yuanfeng (Heilongjiang Province, Wangkui County, 1963)
Liu Guozhong (Heilongjiang Province, Wangkui County, 1962)
Wang Zhiguo (Heilongjiang Province, Wuchang City, 1939)
Xia Geng (Heilongjiang Province, Wuchang City, 1957)
Wang Guanzhong (Heilongjiang Province, Zhaodong City, 1953)
Fu Xiaoguang (Heilongjiang Province, Zhaoyuan County, 1952)
Tian Fengshan (Heilongjiang Province, Zhaoyuan County, 1940)
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