BROWSE LOCATION Shandong Province
Birthplace: Shandong Province

Chen Mingming (Shandong Province, 1950)
Cheng Lu (Shandong Province, 1946)
Dong Baohua (Shandong Province, 1954)
Gao Zhongxing (Shandong Province, 1943)
Guo Kailang (Shandong Province, 1960)
Hua Jian (Shandong Province, 1953)
Jiao Yong (Shandong Province, 1956)
Li Xiaoying (Shandong Province, 1956)
Li Yunpeng (Shandong Province, 1959)
Li Zhaoxing (Shandong Province, 1940)
Liu Qinghui (Shandong Province, 1951)
Liu Zhenya (Shandong Province, 1952)
Miao Jianzhong (Shandong Province, 1943)
Shang Yong (Shandong Province, 1957)
Sun Pishu (Shandong Province, 1962)
Wang Binghua (Shandong Province, 1954)
Wang Futian (Shandong Province, 1950)
Wang Hai (Shandong Province, 1941)
Wang Yin (Shandong Province, 1956)
Wu Guangqi (Shandong Province, 1957)
Wu Hongbo (Shandong Province, 1952)
Xu Xianming (Shandong Province, 1957)
Yang Huanning (Shandong Province, 1957)
Yang Wenchang (Shandong Province, 1944)
Yu Gang (Shandong Province, 1958)
Yu Ping (Shandong Province, 1955)
Zhang Jianguo (Shandong Province, 1954)
Zhang Yunling (Shandong Province, 1945)
Zhao Jinjun (Shandong Province, 1945)
Zhou Houjian (Shandong Province, 1957)
Cao Zhi (Shandong Province, Anqiu City, 1928)
Liu Yixun (Shandong Province, Anqiu City)
Qin Xinling (Shandong Province, Anqiu City)
Zhou Li (Shandong Province, Anqiu City, 1955)
Niu Hongguang (Shandong Province, Anqiu County, 1951)
Ning Gaoning (Shandong Province, Binzhou, 1958)
Li Meng (Shandong Province, Boxing County, 1937)
Zhang Jun (Shandong Province, Boxing County, 1956)
Yang Chunguang (Shandong Province, Cangshan County, 1954)
Wang Hongzhen (Shandong Province, Chanchu)
Cui Yuying (Shandong Province, Changle County, 1958)
Li Hongzhong (Shandong Province, Changle County, 1956)
Wu Aiying (Shandong Province, Changle County, 1951)
Li Xianglin (Shandong Province, Changyi County, 1957)
Liu Chengjun (Shandong Province, Chengwu County, 1949)
Zhang Daili (Shandong Province, Chengwu County, 1954)
Wei Fenghe (Shandong Province, Chiping County, 1954)
Zhang Dechun (Shandong Province, Chiping County, 1943)
Li Qingkui (Shandong Province, Dingtao County, 1956)
Zhang Guangxue (Shandong Province, Dingtao County)
Su Shulin (Shandong Province, Dong'e County, 1962)
Wang Guosheng (Shandong Province, Dong'e County, 1956)
Liu Liying (Shandong Province, Dongping County, 1932)
Wan Jifei (Shandong Province, Dongping County, 1948)
Wang Guangqian (Shandong Province, Dongping County, 1955)
Zhang Qingli (Shandong Province, Dongping County, 1951)
Sun Zhihui (Shandong Province, Dongying City, 1949)
Xu Yongsheng (Shandong Province, Fei County, 1966)
Hao Zhaocheng (Shandong Province, Feicheng City, 1944)
Pang Jiayu (Shandong Province, Feicheng City, 1944)
Qu Geping (Shandong Province, Feicheng City, 1930)
Sheng Lianxi (Shandong Province, Feicheng City, 1952)
Tian Chengzhong (Shandong Province, Feicheng City, 1954)
Tian Jiyun (Shandong Province, Feicheng City, 1929)
Han Jun (Shandong Province, Gaoqing County, 1963)
Wang Xiuzhi (Shandong Province, Guangrao, 1945)
Zhang Taiheng (Shandong Province, Guangrao, 1931)
Sun Shaocheng (Shandong Province, Haiyang City, 1960)
Wang Weiguang (Shandong Province, Haiyang City, 1950)
Yu Zhen (Shandong Province, Haiyang City, 1936)
Zhao Weizhi (Shandong Province, Haiyang City, 1924)
Tian Bo (Shandong Province, Hengtai)
Lin Duo (Shandong Province, Heze City, 1956)
Chen Bingcong (Shandong Province, Huang County, 1921)
Xin Changxing (Shandong Province, Huimin County, 1963)
Pang Xianzhi (Shandong Province, Jiaoxian County, 1929)
Li Zhaoqian (Shandong Province, Jiaozhou, 1962)
Zhang Wentai (Shandong Province, Jiaozhou, 1940)
Hao Mingjin (Shandong Province, Jiaxiang County, 1956)
Hu Dunxin (Shandong Province, Jimo City)
Bao Hong (Shandong Province, Jinan City, 1952)
Cui Erjie (Shandong Province, Jinan City)
Cui Kun (Shandong Province, Jinan City, 1925)
He Luli (Shandong Province, Jinan City, 1934)
Li Peilin (Shandong Province, Jinan City, 1955)
Luo Gan (Shandong Province, Jinan City, 1935)
Shang Fulin (Shandong Province, Jinan City, 1951)
Yi Li (Shandong Province, Jinan City, 1962)
Yin Li (Shandong Province, Jinan City, 1962)
Zhang Haidi (Shandong Province, Jinan City, 1955)
Zhang Jiyao (Shandong Province, Jinan City, 1945)
Zhang Yongsheng (Shandong Province, Jinan City, 1939)
Li Yong (Shandong Province, Jining City, 1951)
Nie Dajiang (Shandong Province, Jining City, 1930)
Wang Hongyao (Shandong Province, Jining City, 1951)
Li Xilin (Shandong Province, Jizhou County, 1930)
Dong Li (Shandong Province, Ju County, 1951)
Li Jianguo (Shandong Province, Juancheng, 1946)
Ge Hongsheng (Shandong Province, Junan, 1931)
Tang Yijun (Shandong Province, Juxian County, 1961)
Lu Xinshe (Shandong Province, Juye County, 1956)
Zhang Mao (Shandong Province, Juye County, 1954)
Lin Aiguo (Shandong Province, Laiwu City, 1958)
Liu Zhenhua (Shandong Province, Laiwu City, 1940)
Zhao Kezhi (Shandong Province, Laixi City, 1953)
Jiang Chunyun (Shandong Province, Laixi County, 1930)
Wang Mingxing (Shandong Province, Laixi County, 1944)
Li Gang (Shandong Province, Laiyang City, 1955)
Li Xinliang (Shandong Province, Laiyang City, 1936)
Ye Liansong (Shandong Province, Laiyang City, 1935)
Chi Jianfu (Shandong Province, Laizhou City, 1942)
Ren Haishen (Shandong Province, Laizhou City, 1948)
Shen Chunyao (Shandong Province, Laizhou City, 1960)
Song Shouxin (Shandong Province, Laizhou City, 1946)
Wang Chengbin (Shandong Province, Laizhou City, 1928)
Wang Huning (Shandong Province, Laizhou City, 1955)
Zhang Ruimin (Shandong Province, Laizhou City, 1949)
Zhao Shaolin (Shandong Province, Liaocheng Prefecture, 1955)
Xing Shizhong (Shandong Province, Licheng, 1937)
Shi Jun (Shandong Province, Lijin County, 1952)
Song Qingwei (Shandong Province, Ling County, 1929)
Hou Yunchun (Shandong Province, Linqing City, 1952)
Xu Qiliang (Shandong Province, Linqu County, 1950)
Zhao Jiancai (Shandong Province, Linshu County, 1956)
Hu Heping (Shandong Province, Linyi City, 1962)
Wang Junzheng (Shandong Province, Linyi City, 1963)
Zhang Haitao (Shandong Province, Linyi Prefecture, 1951)
Chi Haibin (Shandong Province, Longkou City, 1931)
Jiang Zengwei (Shandong Province, Longkou City, 1953)
Liu Jibin (Shandong Province, Longkou City, 1938)
Liu Weijia (Shandong Province, Longkou City, 1955)
Wang Huaiyuan (Shandong Province, Longkou City, 1938)
Wen Fujiang (Shandong Province, Longkou City, 1955)
Yin Guomao (Shandong Province, Longkou City, 1932)
Zhang Wannian (Shandong Province, Longkou City, 1928)
Chen Wenbo (Shandong Province, Lu County, 1940)
Wang Ruixiang (Shandong Province, Mengyin County, 1948)
Li Wenqing (Shandong Province, Mouping, 1930)
Wang Xiaoling (Shandong Province, Mouping, 1955)
Zhou Laizhen (Shandong Province, Muping City, 1960)
Lu Chuanzan (Shandong Province, Muping County, 1932)
Qu Qinyue (Shandong Province, Muping County, 1935)
Yu Renlu (Shandong Province, Muping County, 1962)
Yu Xun (Shandong Province, Muping County, 1952)
Yu Min (Shandong Province, Ninghe County, 1926)
Xie Anshan (Shandong Province, Ningjin, 1933)
Ma Junsheng (Shandong Province, Ningyang, 1961)
Wu Yuqian (Shandong Province, Ningyang, 1943)
Chi Fulin (Shandong Province, Penglai City, 1951)
Liu Guangding (Shandong Province, Penglai City)
Meng Xuenong (Shandong Province, Penglai City, 1949)
Sun Wei (Shandong Province, Penglai City, 1961)
Wang Like (Shandong Province, Penglai City, 1964)
Xu Huizi (Shandong Province, Penglai City, 1932)
Yang Qi (Shandong Province, Penglai City)
Zhou Xiaoxin (Shandong Province, Penglai City)
Leng Rong (Shandong Province, Pingdu City, 1953)
Li Ximing (Shandong Province, Pingdu City, 1942)
He Tongxin (Shandong Province, Pingyuan County, 1953)
Zhang Quanjing (Shandong Province, Pingyuan County, 1931)
Chen Guanglin (Shandong Province, Qihe County, 1946)
Li Qiyan (Shandong Province, Qihe County, 1938)
Zhang Xuebing (Shandong Province, Qihe County, 1955)
Ding Jiye (Shandong Province, Qingdao City, 1949)
Gao Siren (Shandong Province, Qingdao City, 1944)
Hao Jianxiu (Shandong Province, Qingdao City, 1935)
Pan Xia (Shandong Province, Qingdao City, 1937)
Sun Sijing (Shandong Province, Qingdao City, 1951)
Zhong Dalai (Shandong Province, Qingdao City)
Gao Xinting (Shandong Province, Qingzhou City, 1947)
Nie Kuiju (Shandong Province, Qingzhou City, 1926)
Su Shiliang (Shandong Province, Qingzhou City, 1950)
Gao Dezhan (Shandong Province, Qixia, 1932)
Lin Nianxiu (Shandong Province, Qixia, 1963)
Cai Mingzhao (Shandong Province, Rizhao County, 1955)
Ye Lianjun (Shandong Province, Rizhao County)
Zhou Mingfu (Shandong Province, Rizhuang, 1945)
Chen Jianguo (Shandong Province, Rongcheng City, 1945)
Dong Houde (Shandong Province, Rongcheng City, 1935)
Gao Xiong (Shandong Province, Rongcheng City, 1955)
Han Xikai (Shandong Province, Rongcheng City, 1939)
He Ting (Shandong Province, Rongcheng City, 1962)
Jiang Daming (Shandong Province, Rongcheng City, 1953)
Jiang Futang (Shandong Province, Rongcheng City, 1941)
Liu Shengyu (Shandong Province, Rongcheng City, 1945)
Liu Yuejun (Shandong Province, Rongcheng City, 1954)
Ma Yongwei (Shandong Province, Rongcheng City, 1942)
Ni Runfeng (Shandong Province, Rongcheng City, 1944)
Qin Yuqin (Shandong Province, Rongcheng City, 1943)
Song Jian (Shandong Province, Rongcheng City)
Sun Zhengcai (Shandong Province, Rongcheng City, 1963)
Wang Maorun (Shandong Province, Rongcheng City, 1936)
Feng Xinsheng (Shandong Province, Rushan County, 1950)
Liu Yi (Shandong Province, Rushan County, 1930)
Sun Zhiqiang (Shandong Province, Rushan County, 1944)
Yan Rongzhu (Shandong Province, Rushan County, 1952)
Wang Sanyun (Shandong Province, Shan County, 1952)
Yin Luqian (Shandong Province, Shan County, 1958)
Qian Zhi (Shandong Province, Shanghe County, 1956)
Sun Shuyi (Shandong Province, Shanghe County, 1945)
Wang Hemin (Shandong Province, Shanghe County, 1954)
Huang Xianzhong (Shandong Province, Shanxian County, 1945)
Yu Wenming (Shandong Province, Shanxian County, 1963)
Zhao Shengxuan (Shandong Province, Shanxian County, 1953)
Guo Xiaohua (Shandong Province, Shenxian County, 1952)
Wang Lequan (Shandong Province, Shouguang, 1944)
Yang Huaiqing (Shandong Province, Shouguang, 1939)
Wang Fei (Shandong Province, Shouguang County, 1955)
Wang Wenzhang (Shandong Province, Shouguang County, 1951)
Fan Fangping (Shandong Province, Tai'an City, 1945)
Liu Yupu (Shandong Province, Tai'an City, 1949)
Ma Zhongchen (Shandong Province, Tai'an City, 1936)
Yue Xicui (Shandong Province, Tai'an County, 1949)
Song Fatang (Shandong Province, Tancheng, 1940)
Zhang Yutai (Shandong Province, Tancheng, 1945)
Gong Deshun (Shandong Province, Tengxian County, 1945)
Li Jinai (Shandong Province, Tengzhou, 1942)
Li Jing (Shandong Province, Tengzhou, 1930)
Liu Shutian (Shandong Province, Tengzhou, 1940)
Liu Wei (Shandong Province, Tengzhou, 1958)
Zhang Zhongzheng (Shandong Province, Weifang City, 1943)
Liu Mingzu (Shandong Province, Weihai City, 1936)
Sun Wensheng (Shandong Province, Weihai City, 1942)
Chi Wanchun (Shandong Province, Wendeng City, 1946)
Cong Bin (Shandong Province, Wendeng City, 1957)
Hou Xuyu (Shandong Province, Wendeng City)
Qi Jianguo (Shandong Province, Wendeng City, 1952)
Sun Zhongtong (Shandong Province, Wendeng City, 1944)
Yu Weiguo (Shandong Province, Wendeng City, 1955)
Man Yunlai (Shandong Province, Wucheng, 1942)
Zhou Ziyu (Shandong Province, Wucheng, 1935)
Wu Dexing (Shandong Province, Wudi City, 1952)
Zhang Cunhao (Shandong Province, Wudi County, 1928)
He Shushan (Shandong Province, Xintai City, 1964)
Yang Yanyin (Shandong Province, Xintai County, 1947)
Wang Shuguang (Shandong Province, Xinxian County, 1945)
Li Chunting (Shandong Province, Xixia County, 1936)
Ding Yexian (Shandong Province, Yanggu County, 1960)
Tang Honggao (Shandong Province, Yanggu County, 1939)
Xu Wenyan (Shandong Province, Yanggu County, 1945)
Zhang Yuqing (Shandong Province, Yanggu County, 1956)
Jiang Jiemin (Shandong Province, Yangxin County, 1955)
Gao Changli (Shandong Province, Yantai City, 1937)
Jiao Hong (Shandong Province, Yantai City, 1963)
Wang Deying (Shandong Province, Yantai City, 1931)
Zhang Chunjiang (Shandong Province, Yantai City, 1958)
Zhang Chunting (Shandong Province, Yantai City)
Zou Zhiwu (Shandong Province, Yantai City, 1962)
Yang Deyu (Shandong Province, Yanzhou, 1949)
Wang Wencai (Shandong Province, Ye County)
Zhang Weimin (Shandong Province, Ye County, 1956)
Zhang Li (Shandong Province, Yidu, 1943)
Li Yumei (Shandong Province, Yinan County, 1956)
Meng Qingfeng (Shandong Province, Yinan County, 1957)
Wei Hong (Shandong Province, Yinan County, 1954)
Liu Qi (Shandong Province, Yishui County, 1957)
Yan Hongchen (Shandong Province, Yishui County, 1934)
Yang Chuantang (Shandong Province, Yucheng County, 1954)
Yu Tianren (Shandong Province, Yunchen)
Fang Aiqing (Shandong Province, Yuncheng County, 1956)
Jiao Wenjun (Shandong Province, Yuncheng County, 1944)
Ma Xingrui (Shandong Province, Yuncheng County, 1959)
Zhang Chengyi (Shandong Province, Yuncheng County, 1945)
Li Jiaxiang (Shandong Province, Zaozhuang City, 1949)
Liu Zhigang (Shandong Province, Zaozhuang City, 1956)
Wang Xiao (Shandong Province, Zaozhuang City, 1968)
Zhang Yueqi (Shandong Province, Zaozhuang City, 1938)
Cao Guangliang (Shandong Province, Zhangqiu County, 1944)
Hou Jianliang (Shandong Province, Zhangqiu County, 1945)
Meng Xianlai (Shandong Province, Zhangqiu County, 1946)
Zhang Jianguo (Shandong Province, Zhanhua County, 1954)
Zhang Ciying (Shandong Province, Zhanqiu County, 1925)
Chi Haotian (Shandong Province, Zhaoyuan City, 1929)
Jiang Yikang (Shandong Province, Zhaoyuan City, 1953)
Sui Mingtai (Shandong Province, Zhaoyuan City, 1942)
Wang Ruilin (Shandong Province, Zhaoyuan City, 1930)
Wang Zhibao (Shandong Province, Zhaoyuan City, 1938)
Xu Ze (Shandong Province, Zhaoyuan City, 1954)
Du Jiang (Shandong Province, Zhucheng City, 1964)
Li Dongsheng (Shandong Province, Zhucheng City, 1955)
Zhao Shucong (Shandong Province, Zhucheng City, 1955)
Guo Lei (Shandong Province, Zibo City)
Li Zhensheng (Shandong Province, Zibo City, 1931)
Nan Ping (Shandong Province, Zibo City, 1918)
Sun Qiyu (Shandong Province, Zibo City, 1949)
Xie Shusheng (Shandong Province, Zibo City, 1937)
Zhao Guohong (Shandong Province, Zibo City, 1954)
Cao Guangjing (Shandong Province, Zouping County, 1964)
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