BROWSE LOCATION Shanghai Municipality
Birthplace: Shanghai Municipality

Chen Deming (Shanghai Municipality, 1949)
Chen Guanrong (Shanghai Municipality, 1915)
Chen Jiaer (Shanghai Municipality, 1934)
Chen Xingbi (Shanghai Municipality)
Chen Zhu (Shanghai Municipality, 1953)
Chen Zhunmin (Shanghai Municipality, 1951)
Cheng Guodong (Shanghai Municipality)
Cheng Xiyuan (Shanghai Municipality, 1944)
Cui Tiankai (Shanghai Municipality, 1952)
Ding Guangxun (Shanghai Municipality, 1915)
Fan Benyao (Shanghai Municipality, 1938)
Fan Gang (Shanghai Municipality, 1953)
Fang Shouxian (Shanghai Municipality)
Fang Xinghai (Shanghai Municipality, 1968)
Feng Bo (Shanghai Municipality, 1969)
Feng Guoqin (Shanghai Municipality, 1948)
Gan Xingdi (Shanghai Municipality, 1956)
Ge Changchun (Shanghai Municipality)
Ge Xiurun (Shanghai Municipality, 1934)
Gong Yueting (Shanghai Municipality)
Haj Iliyas Shen Xiaxi (Shanghai Municipality, 1921)
He Mingyuan (Shanghai Municipality)
Hu Haiyan (Shanghai Municipality, 1956)
Hu Hesheng (Shanghai Municipality, 1928)
Hu Zhuangqi (Shanghai Municipality, 1929)
Huang Bilie (Shanghai Municipality, 1965)
Huang Mengfu (Shanghai Municipality, 1944)
Huang Yinkui (Shanghai Municipality, 1940)
Ji Lin (Shanghai Municipality, 1962)
Jiang Mianheng (Shanghai Municipality, 1952)
Jing Shuping (Shanghai Municipality, 1918)
Li Daoyu (Shanghai Municipality, 1932)
Li Shaode (Shanghai Municipality, 1951)
Li Zhengming (Shanghai Municipality, 1931)
Liu Bingsen (Shanghai Municipality, 1937)
Liu Changle (Shanghai Municipality, 1951)
Liu Lunxian (Shanghai Municipality, 1943)
Lu Daopei (Shanghai Municipality, 1931)
Lu Hao (Shanghai Municipality, 1967)
Lu Zhicheng (Shanghai Municipality, 1948)
Lv Wei (Shanghai Municipality, 1956)
Mao Daolin (Shanghai Municipality, 1963)
Meng Xiaosi (Shanghai Municipality, 1956)
Ni Zhifu (Shanghai Municipality, 1933)
Qian Qichen (Shanghai Municipality, 1928)
Qiang Baiqin (Shanghai Municipality)
Qin Shaode (Shanghai Municipality, 1947)
Qiu Dahong (Shanghai Municipality)
Rong Zhijian (Shanghai Municipality, 1942)
Ruan Keqiang (Shanghai Municipality, 1932)
Shen Wenqing (Shanghai Municipality)
Shen Yunfen (Shanghai Municipality, 1933)
Shen Zhiquan (Shanghai Municipality)
Sheng Changli (Shanghai Municipality, 1949)
Shi Erwei (Shanghai Municipality, 1955)
Shi Meilun (Shanghai Municipality)
Song Fengming (Shanghai Municipality, 1946)
Song Lin (Shanghai Municipality, 1963)
Su Dingqiang (Shanghai Municipality)
Sun Changji (Shanghai Municipality, 1942)
Sun Laixiang (Shanghai Municipality, 1942)
Sun Yueying (Shanghai Municipality, 1959)
Tan Min (Shanghai Municipality, 1949)
Tang Jiaxuan (Shanghai Municipality, 1938)
Tang Shubei (Shanghai Municipality, 1931)
Tang Yunwei (Shanghai Municipality, 1944)
Tao Dayong (Shanghai Municipality, 1918)
Tung Chee Hwa (Shanghai Municipality, 1937)
Wan Gang (Shanghai Municipality, 1952)
Wang Danfeng (Shanghai Municipality, 1924)
Wang Guangtao (Shanghai Municipality, 1943)
Wang Guoqiang (Shanghai Municipality, 1955)
Wang Peisheng (Shanghai Municipality, 1950)
Wang Shenghong (Shanghai Municipality, 1942)
Wang Shiji (Shanghai Municipality)
Weng Jieming (Shanghai Municipality, 1963)
Weng Tiehui (Shanghai Municipality, 1964)
Wu Wenjun (Shanghai Municipality, 1919)
Xi Guohua (Shanghai Municipality, 1951)
Xia Jianbai (Shanghai Municipality)
Xiong Guangkai (Shanghai Municipality, 1939)
Xu Fuming (Shanghai Municipality, 1946)
Xu Lin (Shanghai Municipality, 1963)
Xu Ling (Shanghai Municipality, 1963)
Xu Mingzhi (Shanghai Municipality, 1951)
Xue Mingyang (Shanghai Municipality, 1953)
Yan Yixun (Shanghai Municipality, 1939)
Yang Changheng (Shanghai Municipality, 1944)
Yang Chao (Shanghai Municipality, 1950)
Yang Fuyu (Shanghai Municipality)
Yang Jiechi (Shanghai Municipality, 1950)
Yang Xiaodu (Shanghai Municipality, 1953)
Yang Xiongli (Shanghai Municipality)
Yang Xueshan (Shanghai Municipality, 1954)
Yao Jianquan (Shanghai Municipality, 1939)
Yao Xinsheng (Shanghai Municipality, 1934)
Yao Zhenxing (Shanghai Municipality)
Yu Chongwen (Shanghai Municipality)
Yu Menglun (Shanghai Municipality)
Yuan Xin (Shanghai Municipality, 1962)
Zhang Dingfa (Shanghai Municipality, 1943)
Zhang Faqiang (Shanghai Municipality, 1945)
Zhang Pingjian (Shanghai Municipality, 1948)
Zhang Wenkang (Shanghai Municipality, 1940)
Zhang Yihua (Shanghai Municipality, 1949)
Zhang Yijiong (Shanghai Municipality, 1955)
Zhang Yonglian (Shanghai Municipality)
Zheng Zukang (Shanghai Municipality, 1947)
Zhou Heng (Shanghai Municipality, 1929)
Zhou Ji (Shanghai Municipality, 1946)
Zhou Yulin (Shanghai Municipality, 1923)
Zhou Zaiqun (Shanghai Municipality, 1952)
Zhu Kaixuan (Shanghai Municipality, 1932)
Zhu Min (Shanghai Municipality, 1952)
Zhu Xianmo (Shanghai Municipality)
Zhuang Xinyi (Shanghai Municipality, 1955)
Zou Jiahua (Shanghai Municipality, 1926)
Zuo Zongshen (Shanghai Municipality, 1952)
Yang Jike (Shanghai Municipality, Songjiang, 1921)
Zhu Senlin (Shanghai, Chuansha County, 1930)
Jiang Yiren (Shanghai, Jiading County, 1942)
Li Yuan (Shanghai, Jiading County, 1947)
Ma Kai (Shanghai, Jinshan District, 1946)
Zhu Peikang (Shanghai, Jinshan District, 1937)
Ye Peida (Shanghai, Nanhui)
Zhou Chaochen (Shanghai, Nanhui)
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