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PHOTO: Zheng Ruyong
Zheng Ruyong 郑儒永
Systematic Mycologist
Birthplace: Hong Kong SAR


Zheng Ruyong, female, Han nationality, is a native of Chaoyang, Guangdong Province, and was born in Hong Kong. She graduated from Hunan Agricultural University in 1953.

Zheng Ruyong has long been engaged in the rationalization and consummation of epiphyte classification system. She has researched the sexual type and non-sexual type characteristics of all genera of whiting fungus items in the world.

In 1985, Zheng published a whiting fungus genus classification system, which has been used by international authoritative publications such as "Ascus Fungus System." She corrected the unreasonable phenomena of large tendency and too large scope of hosts, which heretofore has been the classification system most widely used. She researched mould items with large changeability and more cross characters and initiated a systematic classification of non-sexual combination and sexual characteristics. She was the first to discover endogenous mold in higher plants and was also the first to report a new series of human pathogeny mold and that the new variations existed in China.

Zheng is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Career Data

1999— Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Researcher, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Microorganism Research Institute
1953 Graduate, Hunan Agricultural University, Plant Protection Department Hunan Province

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