3721 Network
      Baiteng Farm
      BEA China Limited
      China Mobile Ltd.
      China PC World
      China Unicom
      China Vest
      Dalian Shide Group
      Dalong Mine
      Daqing Oil Mine
      Daxing Mine
      Daye Company
      Delixi Group
      Detai Mould Plant
      Doublestar Group
      Fujian Start Group
      Fuxin Power Plant
      Fuxing Flour Mill
      Gaokeng Coal Mine
      General Motors
      Haier Group
      Hainan State Farm
      Han's Group
      Hangang Group
      Hong Dou Group
      Hua Xing Group
      Huludao Zinc Works
      Jianlibao Group
      Jilin Grain Group
      Jinhe State Farm
      Jitong Corporation
      Kelon Group
      Lang Chao Group
      Lanjiagou Mine
      Little Swan Group
      Lu'An Group
      Luchaogang Farm
      MSC/PDA Company
      MTV Music Channel
      Nantong Shipyard
      Neusoft Group Co.
      New Hope Group
      No. 228 Factory
      No. 238 Factory
      No. 331 Factory
      No. 408 Factory
      No. 5266 Factory
      No. 673 Factory
      No. 777 Factory
      Qianwei Farm
      Seastar Group
      Shanghai Meters
      Shizishan Mine
      Sinopec Corp.
      Sinotrans Limited
      Skyworth Group
      Spark Farm
      State Owned Farms
      Stone Group
      TCL Corporation
      Tie Fa Coal
      Tongguanshan Mine
      TOP Group
      Trend Technology
      Tuoyu Group
      Unison World Inc.
      UT Starcom
      Wahaha Group
      Wanda Computer Co.
      Wanjie Fibre
      Wanjie Group
      Wanjie Textile
      Wu-Mart Group
      Wuhu Iron Plant
      Wuhu Iron Smeltery
      Wulasitai Farm
      Xi'an Film Studio
      Xingxing Company
      Xinzhong Factory
      Yau Wing Co.
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