BROWSE LOCATION Chongqing Municipality
Birthplace: Chongqing Municipality

Chen Deyu (Chongqing Municipality, 1944)
Chen Guangguo (Chongqing Municipality, 1947)
Fan Daiming (Chongqing Municipality, 1953)
Gong Xianyong (Chongqing Municipality, 1942)
Hu Zejun (Chongqing Municipality, 1955)
Jin Xianqing (Chongqing Municipality, 1945)
Kong Xiangfu (Chongqing Municipality)
Li Chaoyi (Chongqing Municipality)
Li Fashen (Chongqing Municipality, 1940)
Liao Xiaojun (Chongqing Municipality, 1952)
Liu Jingnan (Chongqing Municipality, 1943)
Liu Peng (Chongqing Municipality, 1951)
Mou Xuhang (Chongqing Municipality, 1941)
Peng Yu (Chongqing Municipality, 1954)
Qiao Zonghuai (Chongqing Municipality, 1944)
Tan Li (Chongqing Municipality, 1955)
Tan Qiwei (Chongqing Municipality, 1954)
Tang Renjian (Chongqing Municipality, 1962)
Tong Xiaoping (Chongqing Municipality, 1952)
Wang Shaoxiong (Chongqing Municipality, 1950)
Wu Jinglian (Chongqing Municipality, 1930)
Xia Peisu (Chongqing Municipality)
Xie Xiaojun (Chongqing Municipality, 1950)
Xing Yuanmin (Chongqing Municipality, 1948)
Xu Rongkai (Chongqing Municipality, 1942)
Xu Shiqun (Chongqing Municipality, 1940)
Xu Zhiqin (Chongqing Municipality)
Ye Xiaowen (Chongqing Municipality, 1950)
Yin Mingshan (Chongqing Municipality, 1940)
Zhang Wenbin (Chongqing Municipality, 1934)
Zhang Zongyuan (Chongqing Municipality, 1940)
Zhou Benkuan (Chongqing Municipality, 1946)
Zhou Mubing (Chongqing Municipality, 1957)
Zhu Jialin (Chongqing Municipality, 1943)
Yang Xingfu (Chongqing Municipality, Daxian County, 1937)
He Shizhong (Chongqing Municipality, Kaixian County)
Liu Jiayi (Chongqing Municipality, Kaixian County, 1956)
Nie Weiguo (Chongqing Municipality, Nanchuan County, 1952)
Liu Xuepu (Chongqing Municipality, Shizhu County, 1957)
Yang Baibing (Chongqing Municipality, Tongnan County, 1920)
Cheng Shi'er (Chongqing Municipality, Wanxian, 1940)
Wang Hongju (Chongqing Municipality, Yuzhong District, 1945)
Li Yuguang (Chongqing Municipality, Zhong County, 1953)
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