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Wang Zhongfu
Member of the 16th CPC Central Committee
Born: 1941, Hunan Province, Anhua County

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2006 2005 2004 2003

Appeared/Travelled With:
Bo Xilai 薄熙来 Chen Kuiyuan 陈奎元 Dai Xianglong 戴相龙 Han Yuqun 韩寓群 Han Zheng 韩正 Hong Hu 洪虎 Hua Jianmin 华建敏 Huang Huahua 黄华华 Huang Ju 黄菊 Huang Zhiquan 黄智权 Hui Liangyu 回良玉 Ji Yunshi 季允石 Jia Qinglin 贾庆林 Jia Zhibang 贾治邦 Jin Renqing 金人庆 Li Chengyu 李成玉 Li Tieying 李铁映 Li Zhaozhuo 李兆焯 Liang Baohua 梁保华 Liao Hui 廖晖 Liu Yandong 刘延东 Liu Zhenhua 刘振华 Lü Fuyuan 吕福源 Lu Hao 陆浩 Lu Zhangong 卢展工 Luo Qingquan 罗清泉 Mou Xinsheng 牟新生 Shi Xiushi 石秀诗 Wang Jinshan 王金山 Wang Qishan 王岐山 Wen Jiabao 温家宝 Wu Yi 吴仪 Xu Kuangdi 徐匡迪 Xu Rongkai 徐荣凯 Zeng Peiyan 曾培炎 Zhang Zhongwei 张中伟

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10/10/03 Wen Jiabao made speech at a meeting on the reform of the export tax rebate system. (Beijing Municipality)
08/06/03 Wu Yi made a speech at a meeting on regulating market order and promoting the credit of enterprises. (Beijing Municipality)
07/08/03 Huang Ju delivered a report on post-SARS economic performance at the second session of the CPPCC Standing Committee. (Beijing Municipality)
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Wang Zhongfu
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