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November 04, 2009
Zhou Yongkang made remarks at a meeting attended by police chiefs during his visit to Jinggangshan.
October 02, 2009
Zhou Yongkang visited a command center in Beijing to learn about the overall social security condition across the country.
September 29, 2009
Wang Lequan made remarks at a conference celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.
September 13, 2009
Zhou Yongkang made remarks at a meeting after hearing reports on the preparation for the security during the National Day holiday and the situations in the country's far western Xinjiang and Tibet.
September 06, 2009
Wang Lequan made remarks at a meeting, Communist Party chief of Urumqi Li Zhi was removed from post, along with Xinjiang's police chief Liu Yaohua.
September 04, 2009
Meng Jianzhu came to Urumqi to direct work to defuse unrest in the city.
September 03, 2009
Wang Lequan and secretary of the CPC Urumqi City Committee Li Zhi called on the crowds, on two separate occasions, to stay calm and show restraint.
August 13, 2009
Zhou Yongkang made remarks at a meeting on safeguarding the country's stability and addressing people's complaint letters and calls.
August 04, 2009
Meng Jianzhu said that law enforcement officers should improve the transparency of police work and ensure the public's access to correct information.
July 15, 2009
Meng Jianzhu continued his tour of Aksu City and Yili Kazakh Prefecture in northern Xinjiang.
July 11, 2009
Zhou Yongkang made remarks on the third day of his visit to Hotan and Kashgar, both in the southern part of Xinjiang.
July 09, 2009
Hu Jintao convened a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Politburo of the CPC Central Committee to discuss the deadly Xinjiang riot.
July 09, 2009
Zhou Yongkang started an inspection tour in Xinjiang.
July 08, 2009
Hu Jintao returned to Beijing due to the situation in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
July 08, 2009
He Guoqiang stressed social harmony and stability, in the wake of the riot in the northwestern Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
July 08, 2009
Meng Jianzhu urged no leniency in the punishment of thugs who took part in the Urumqi riot.
July 07, 2009
Wang Lequan announced in a televised speech, the city of Urumqi will adopt a curfew Tuesday night.
July 06, 2009
Nur Bekri said in a televised speech,Violence in Urumqi.
June 08, 2009
Zhou Yongkang met with model individuals and groups of the border public security force.
May 18, 2009
Hu Jintao met with individual delegates from across the country.
February 18, 2009
Zhou Yongkang made remarks at a workshop on political and legal work and safeguarding stability.
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