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December 25, 2014
Chinese military to build modern command headquarters
December 24, 2014
China praises submarine crew's emergency handling
December 14, 2014
President Xi meets with senior officers of Nanjing Military Area Command
December 14, 2014
President Xi orders PLA to clear up bad influence from Xu Caihou
December 08, 2014
Chinese military urged to improve work style
December 08, 2014
Chang Wanquan meets chief of staff of Portuguese air force
December 02, 2014
China, Australia agree to boost military ties
November 21, 2014
China, Serbia up military cooperation
November 20, 2014
Chinese VP meets foreign defense officials
November 19, 2014
Cooperation with Russia a priority to Chinese military: senior official
November 18, 2014
China, Russia pledge to strengthen military cooperation
November 14, 2014
China, Pakistan pledge to strengthen air force cooperation
November 06, 2014
China military reaches key decision to strengthen auditing
November 04, 2014
PLA vice chairman calls for strict management of army
November 03, 2014
China vows stronger ties with Pakistan
October 31, 2014
Xi addresses military political work conference
October 31, 2014
Chinese president attends military political work conference held in former revolutionary base
October 28, 2014
Xu Caihou confesses to taking bribe
October 27, 2014
China honors late PLA general
October 20, 2014
Fan Changlong meets with Vietnamese defense minister
October 16, 2014
China, Sudan to enhance military cooperation
October 13, 2014
Senior Chinese, Australian military officials meet
October 12, 2014
Chinese military delegation to visit US, Trinidad and Tobago
October 11, 2014
PLA urged to build good morals with "mass line"
October 11, 2014
China's defense minister meets with EUMC chairman
October 10, 2014
CMC vice chairman meets with Zimbabwean defense minister
October 09, 2014
China, Zimbabwe agree to enhance military cooperation
October 07, 2014
Vice Premier urges Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps to act as stabilizer
September 23, 2014
China army reiterates retrieving of official houses, vehicles
September 22, 2014
Xi stresses military headquarters' loyalty to Party
September 21, 2014
Fang Fenghui discuss improving efficiency
September 21, 2014
Fan Changlong meets Indonesian defense minister
September 02, 2014
Officials highlight potential for expanding China-Poland defense cooperation
September 01, 2014
China honors carrier-based aircraft test pilot
August 30, 2014
Xi urges innovation in "new military revolution"
August 27, 2014
President Xi bestows military honors
August 17, 2014
Army asked to follow Xi's order
August 11, 2014
Chinese army urged to support reforms
August 01, 2014
87th anniversary of PLA marked in Beijing
August 01, 2014
Law enforcement, judicial officials back Zhou Yongkang probe
July 31, 2014
PLA, Armed Police back graft probe of Zhou Yongkang
July 30, 2014
Xi vows strike on military corruption
July 28, 2014
New rules on military awards to take effect
July 25, 2014
Indonesian vice president meets with senior Chinese military official
July 24, 2014
Indonesian defense minister meets with senior Chinese military official
July 24, 2014
China, ROK vow enhanced defense cooperation
July 21, 2014
Ma Xiaotian meets with Bolivian counterpart
July 21, 2014
Wang Guanzhong attends opening ceremony of 2nd China-Latin America High-Level Defense Forum
July 15, 2014
Senior official urges deeper military graft inspections
July 15, 2014
Liu Yunshan attends Party School graduation ceremony
July 15, 2014
China, U.S. navy chiefs on new type of naval ties
July 11, 2014
#China promotes 4 officers to general
July 07, 2014
#China, #Greece vow to intensify military ties
July 07, 2014
Wu Shengli meets with #Turkish navy commander #China
July 03, 2014
#China, #India seek stronger military ties
July 03, 2014
Fang Fenghui holds talks with chairman of Indian Chiefs of Staff Committee and Army Chief of Staff
July 02, 2014
People's Daily scolds ousted military leader #China
July 01, 2014
PLA supports graft probe into Xu Caihou #China
June 30, 2014
CPC highlights disciplinary inspection reforms #China
June 30, 2014
Anti-graft blitz KOs civilian, military heavyweights
June 28, 2014
Chinese president: flexing military muscles does not reflect strength
June 27, 2014
Xi Jinping stresses building strong frontier defense
June 27, 2014
Xi Jinping stresses building strong frontier defense
June 23, 2014
Senior Chinese military official warns against Japanese militarism #China
June 17, 2014
Yu Zhengsheng lauds Huangpu alumni #China
June 17, 2014
Xi stresses CPC's absolute leadership of air force #China
June 06, 2014
Zhang Yang meets with Japanese guests #China #Japan
June 05, 2014
Top Chinese legislator meets Pakistani army chief #China #Pakistan
June 04, 2014
Senior Chinese military official meets Pakistani army chief #China #Pakistan
June 03, 2014
#China, #DR Congo pledge to boost military ties
June 01, 2014
Chinese military ready to make further contribution to peace, development: army general #China #SINGAPORE
June 01, 2014
Provocative remarks from #U.S., #Japan not helpful for regional security: Chinese general #China
June 01, 2014
Chinese military endeavors to contribute to maintaining #Asia-Pacific security: officer #China
June 01, 2014
Chinese general reiterates principle for solving island disputes
May 30, 2014
#China, #Belarus vow to strengthen military ties
May 29, 2014
Ma Xiaotian meets with Belarusian counterpart #China #Belarus
May 28, 2014
Ma Xiaotian meets with Russian guests #China #Russia
May 20, 2014
Chinese, Russian presidents attend launch of naval drill #China-#Russia
May 19, 2014
Chang Wanquan meets #Myanmar defense chief #China
May 19, 2014
Chang Wanquan pays tribute to late #Lao deputy prime minister and defense minister #China
May 16, 2014
Chinese general presents gifts #China #USA
May 16, 2014
#Sri Lanka president meets with Xu Qiliang #China
May 15, 2014
PLA chief receives full-military-honors arrival ceremony at Pentagon #China #USA
May 14, 2014
PLA chief of general staff Fang Fenghui visits #U.S. #China
May 14, 2014
Zhao Keshi meets with Australian counterpart # the Sino-#Australia
May 13, 2014
PLA chief Fang Fenghui tours #US carrier #China
May 13, 2014
#China, #Bangladesh vow to strengthen military ties
May 09, 2014
Cambodian prime minister meets with Xu Qiliang #Cambodia #China
May 07, 2014
#China holds symposium on late general's 100th birthday
May 07, 2014
Chinese military official meets Iranian defense minister #China #Iran
May 07, 2014
Yang Jiechi Meets with Minister of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics of #Iran #China
May 05, 2014
#China, #Iran vow to deepen defense cooperation
April 29, 2014
Sun Jianguo meets #Swiss guests #China
April 24, 2014
Fan Changlong meets with heads of naval delegations attending WPNS meeting
April 22, 2014
Chinese commander urges international naval trust #China
April 19, 2014
#China, #Turkey vow to boost military cooperation
April 15, 2014
PLA chief of general staff holds talks with Belarusian counterpart # China #Belarus
April 14, 2014
Chinese president urges stronger air force #China
April 11, 2014
Ma Xiaotian meets with French Air Force chief of staff #China #France
April 10, 2014
Chinese defence minister meets French air force chief #China #France
April 09, 2014
Xi calls for better anti-terror forces #China
April 08, 2014
Defense Minister Chang Wanquan met with Chuck Hagel says military has always followed cyber laws
April 05, 2014
Senior Chinese military official meets with #Dutch defense minister #China
April 01, 2014
Army disciplinary inspectors identify problems #China
March 31, 2014
Tajik president meets Chinese defense minister on ties #Tajikistan #China
March 30, 2014
Chinese State Councilor and DM meets Tajikistan's DM in Dushanbe #China #Tajikistan
March 29, 2014
President Xi calls on #China, #Germany to build Silk Road economic belt
March 24, 2014
Wang Guanzhong meets with president of Korea National Defense University
March 21, 2014
#China commissions new guided missile destroyer
March 20, 2014
Chinese army to raise military training standards #China
March 20, 2014
PLA chief of general staff talks with chief of Malaysian armed forces over phone #China #Malaysia
March 18, 2014
PLA orders discussion of combat readiness #China
March 18, 2014
Wang Guanzhong meets with #U.S. guests #China
March 17, 2014
Cambodian, Chinese senior military officials pledge to advance ties #China #Cambodia
March 15, 2014
Xi leads #China's military reform, stresses strong army
March 15, 2014
Senior Chinese military official visits #Cambodia on ties #China
March 15, 2014
Chinese defense minister meets #Saudi Arabia Crown Prince #China
March 13, 2014
#China, #UK hold fifth defense strategic talks
February 28, 2014
Chinese defense minister meets Pakistani president on ties #Pakistan #China
February 28, 2014
Chinese defense minister meets Pakistani PM on bilateral ties #Pakistan #China
February 28, 2014
Chinese, Pakistani defense chiefs meet on military ties #China #Pakistan
February 21, 2014
Senior military officials meet #U.S. army chief #China
February 21, 2014
Senior military official meets #U.S. Army Chief of Staff General in Beijing #China
January 26, 2014
President Xi inspects frontier post in Inner Mongolia #China
January 24, 2014
Army, people urged to unite #China
January 23, 2014
#China's military furthers "mass line" campaign
January 23, 2014
Wang Guanzhong meets with #U.S. deputy secretary of state #China
January 20, 2014
Xi Jinping extends festival greetings to veterans #China
January 20, 2014
Chinese premier stresses cooperation with #Belarus #China
January 17, 2014
Senior military official demands CPC loyalty #China
January 16, 2014
Xu Qiliang stresses effective anti-corruption #China
January 15, 2014
Fan Changlong investigates in Lanzhou Theater #China
January 15, 2014
#China, #Russia to boost security cooperation
January 14, 2014
Chinese leaders vow deeper collaboration with #Bulgaria #China
January 14, 2014
Chinese, Danish defense ministers hold talks
January 13, 2014
CMC vice chairman Xu Qiliang meets Danish defense minister #China #Denmark
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