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December 05, 2016
China, Djibouti to strengthen military cooperation
December 03, 2016
Xi calls for smaller but more capable army
November 24, 2016
China, Djibouti discuss ways of strengthening comprehensive cooperation
November 24, 2016
Chinese defense minister meets Russian counterpart in Beijing
November 23, 2016
Xu Qiliang meets with Russian Defense Minister in Beijing
November 23, 2016
Senior Chinese military official visits Ethiopia
November 21, 2016
China pledges to deepen military cooperation with Tanzania
November 21, 2016
Malaysia willing to deepen cooperation with China in various fields: deputy PM
November 21, 2016
China, India vow to boost Army relations and border defense cooperation
November 17, 2016
China, Lebanon vow to deepen military exchange
November 17, 2016
China, Lebanon vow to deepen military exchange
November 16, 2016
CMC vice chairman meets chief of naval staff of Bangladesh
November 16, 2016
Chinese naval commander meets Bangladesh counterpart
November 16, 2016
China, Brazil vow to strengthen military ties
November 14, 2016
China, Iran pledge to deepen military exchange
November 10, 2016
Xi calls for strong, modern military logistics
November 02, 2016
Chinese DM meets Vietnam's Deputy DM in Beijing
October 30, 2016
Chinese army vows efforts on strict Party governance
October 19, 2016
Xi urges greater military-civilian cooperation for strong army
October 12, 2016
China urges Australia to be cautious on S. China sea issue
October 11, 2016
Senior Chinese military officials vow to build clean army
September 28, 2016
China commemorates former military leader Liu Huaqing
September 26, 2016
President Xi expects strong, modern rocket force
September 13, 2016
China sets up joint logistics force, Xi confers flags
September 13, 2016
China Establishes Joint Logistic Support Force
September 13, 2016
Senior Officer Meets with Vietnamese Deputy Defense Minister
September 09, 2016
China to enhance military ties with Myanmar
September 09, 2016
China to enhance military ties with Myanmar
September 08, 2016
Senior Chinese military leader meets with Myanmar first vice president
September 08, 2016
Sun Jianguo attends Annual Chiefs of Defense Conference 2016
September 07, 2016
Xu Qiliang meets Myanmar's first vice president
September 07, 2016
Chinese Navy Commander meets with Chilean counterpart
September 07, 2016
Senior Chinese military leader meets with Myanmar military chief in Myanmar
September 05, 2016
China, Finland agree to expand military ties
September 05, 2016
Chinese defense minister meets with Bangladesh air force leader
August 31, 2016
Xi calls new PLA branch a key pillar
August 29, 2016
Build a strong, modern strategic support force
August 29, 2016
Zhang Dejiang reviews laws on defense transport, film
August 23, 2016
President Xi Jinping inspects Qinghai
August 21, 2016
Xi Jinping bestows military honors
August 12, 2016
Song Tao meets Myanmar National Defense Army Commander
August 12, 2016
Song Tao Meets with Commander-in-Chief of Myanmar Armed Forces
August 02, 2016
China's defense minister stresses preparedness for "war at sea"
August 02, 2016
China, Afghanistan vow to enhance anti-terrorism cooperation
July 29, 2016
Xi urges renewed efforts in boosting military-civilian solidarity
July 29, 2016
China promotes officers to general
July 28, 2016
Xi urges enhanced capacity to fight disaster at anniversary of Tangshan quake
July 27, 2016
Xi calls for further armed forces reform
July 25, 2016
CMC Vice Chairman meets with U.S. National Security Advisor
July 19, 2016
Fan Changlong urges combat preparedness
July 18, 2016
PLA navy chief urges China-U.S. cooperation in handling South China Sea
July 18, 2016
Lao DM voices support for China on S. China Sea
June 28, 2016
PLA holds symposium to mark missile force anniversary
June 27, 2016
China's defense minister stresses border control
June 25, 2016
Symposium highlights matching military exercises with real combat
June 24, 2016
Symposium held for late leader's 100th birthday
June 17, 2016
Chinese defense minister meets Japanese guests
June 09, 2016
China, Nepal vow to boost military ties
June 06, 2016
China, Nepal vow to enhance defense cooperation
June 05, 2016
Senior military official elaborates on China's regional security policy at Shangri-La Dialogue
June 05, 2016
China, U.S. exchange views on maritime security, military relations
June 04, 2016
Sun Jianguo attends Shangri La Dialogue in Singapore
June 03, 2016
Admiral Sun Jianguo expects Singapore to guide Shangri-la Dialogue toward conflict resolution process
June 03, 2016
Chinese, Vietnamese military officials hail achievements in cooperation
May 29, 2016
China, Bangladesh pledge to boost cooperation
May 27, 2016
Senior military official urges Japan to dispose of WWII chemical weapons
May 26, 2016
Lao president meets with Chinese defense minister in Vientiane
May 26, 2016
Xi inspects troops in NE province
May 25, 2016
Xi inspects troops in NE province
May 13, 2016
Fang Fenghui has video call with U.S. counterpart on regional security
May 13, 2016
Xi stresses civil air defense for China's development
May 12, 2016
China values free navigation in South China Sea more than any other country
May 05, 2016
PLA sends out discipline inspectors
April 27, 2016
Anti-terror fight needs comprehensive approaches
April 25, 2016
China mulls new law to secure national defense transport
April 20, 2016
Xi stresses joint battle command for military reform
April 18, 2016
China reacted positively toward setting up a military hotline with India on border security
April 15, 2016
Fan Changlong inspects islands in South China Sea
April 14, 2016
Xu Qiliang inspects armed forces along eastern coast
April 05, 2016
Former military leader Guo Boxiong confesses to taking bribe
April 05, 2016
Former military leader Guo Boxiong prosecuted for corruption
April 01, 2016
China ready to make good use of new nuclear security center
March 25, 2016
PLA to launch education on CPC values and army strengthening
March 23, 2016
President Xi stresses military academy's role for high combat effectiveness
March 23, 2016
President Xi calls for reforms, innovation in military colleges
March 23, 2016
President Xi stresses training capable commanders for joint warfare
March 13, 2016
Xi underlines innovation, reform in defense, military upgrade
March 02, 2016
Senior Chinese military official stresses clean army
February 29, 2016
Tajikistan, China to boost defense, anti-terrorism cooperation
February 29, 2016
Afghan president meets with Fang Fenghui
February 13, 2016
Armed police unit in east China given honorary title
February 05, 2016
Chinese military chief makes seasonal visits
February 04, 2016
Army adjustment and establishment completed in five Theater Commands
February 03, 2016
Xi meets local senior officers, stresses CPC's leadership over army
February 01, 2016
PLA vows support, contributions to military reform
February 01, 2016
China's military regrouped into five PLA theater commands
January 28, 2016
Xi extends New Year greetings to veterans
January 26, 2016
China, Thailand vow to further promote military ties
January 20, 2016
Senior officials commemorate late PLA general Xiao Hua
January 11, 2016
China reshuffles military headquarters
January 11, 2016
Xi urged military leaders to follow Party leadership
January 11, 2016
Xi urges leaders of CMC organs to respect Party disciplines
January 11, 2016
China's new Central Military Commission organ established
January 07, 2016
Xi underscores military building via reforms
January 05, 2016
President Xi Jinping visits PLA 13th Group Army
January 04, 2016
Newly-formed PLA forces vow contributions to building strong military
January 01, 2016
China releases guideline on military reform
January 01, 2016
China establishes Rocket Force and Strategic Support Force
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