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PHOTO: Song Ruixiang
Song Ruixiang 宋瑞祥
Former Director of the China Seismological Bureau
Born: 1939


Song Ruixiang, male, Han nationality, is a native of Jintan, Jiangsu Province. Born in 1939, he graduated from Nanjing Geological School and joined the CPC in 1959.

Song is a geologist of distinction. He began his career in Hunan province, where he held a succession of jobs, culminating in deputy director of the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Geology. After serving as deputy director and director of the Qinhai Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources, Song became vice-governor, then governor of Qinghai Province. After his career in provincial party politics, Song moved to national posts, including vice-minister and minister of Geology and Mineral Resources and deputy director of the State Administration of Environmental Protection. Additionally, Song has been president of the China Gem Association and vice-chairman of the National Committee on Mineral Resources.

Song was a member of the 15th CPC Central Committee and a deputy to the 13th CPC National Congress.

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