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PHOTO: Cai Zimin
Cai Zimin 蔡子明
Standing Committee Member of the 9th CPPCC National Committee, Honorary Chairman of the 6th Central Committee of the Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League
Born: 1920
Birthplace: Taiwan, Zhanghua
Died: 2003


Cai Zimin, male, Han nationality, was born in 1920 in Zhanghua County, Taiwan. After graduating from middle school in 1936, he went to Japan and studied political science at Waseda University, graduating in 1943. He ran a newspaper for Overseas Chinese in Tokyo, and then was a newspaper editor in Beijing in 1945 before returning to Taibei, Taiwan in 1946, where he became editor of the "Freedom Daily." He participated in the "February 28th Uprising" against the provincial authorities in 1947 and then went to Shanghai via Hong Kong where he engaged in work vis-

Career Data

Author, (Historical Trends in Taiwan)
1998—2003 Member, 9th CPPCC, National Committee, Standing Committee
1997—2003 Vice-President, China Overseas Friendship Association
1997—2003 Honorary Chairman, Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League (TDSGL), Central Committee
1993—1998 Member, 8th Standing Committee of the NPC
1992—1997 Chairman, 5th Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League (TDSGL), Presidium
1988—1993 Member, 7th Standing Committee of the NPC
1987—1988 Chairman, 4th Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League (TDSGL), Presidium
1987—1988 Member, 4th Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League (TDSGL), Presidium
1983—1988 Member, 6th Standing Committee of the NPC
1981—1985 Counselor, Chinese Embassy, Cultural Section Japan, Tokyo
1978—1983 Member, 5th NPC
1975—1978 Member, 4th NPC
Head, Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League (TDSGL), Propaganda Department
Executive Member, Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League (TDSGL), 3rd Council
Member, China Overseas Exchanges Association, Executive Council
Member, Chinese Institute of Taiwan Studies, Executive Council
Deputy Director, Ministry of Culture, Relations with Foreign Countries Department
Head, Chinese People's Association for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries, Asian Group
Chief, Chinese People's Association for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries, Japan Section
1954—1962 Head, Central People's Broadcasting Station, Taiwan Group
Deputy Chief, East China People's Broadcasting Station, Taiwan Section
1949 Joined, Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League (TDSGL)
1948 Joined, CPC
1947—1948 Director-General, Association of Fellow Taiwan Provincials in Shanghai Shanghai Municipality
1947—1948 Worker, People's Broadcasting Station Shanghai Municipality
1947 Participant, Taiwan (February 28th Uprising)
1946—1947 Editor-in-Chief, Freedom Daily Taiwan, Taipei
1945—1946 Editor-in-Chief, Zhonghua Daily Beijing Municipality
1943 Graduate, Waseda University, Political Science Department Japan, Tokyo

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