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PHOTO: Ouyang Ziyuan
Ouyang Ziyuan 欧阳自远
Expert on Astrochemistry and Geochemistry
Born: 1935


Ouyang Ziyuan, male, Han nationality, was born in Ji'an, Jiangxi Province and is a native of Shangyao, Jiangxi Province. He graduated from the Peking College of Geoscience.

Ouyang was responsible for the comprehensive geologic study of underground nuclear testing in China. He also developed the study of space matter (aerolite, cosmic dust, moon rock), comparative planetary science, astrochemistry and geochemistry, setup the theory about the causes of siderolite formation, the evolvement mode of Jilin aerolite and the exposure history of multi-stage cosmic rays. He put forward the evolvement mode of earth multi-stage transition of energy, the identification marks of cosmic dust in the geologic body; compensated and developed the chemical heterogeneous mode and theory of solar nebulite; and determined the K/T interface collision events in China. Ouyang advanced and verified that serious impacts occurred in global climate environment disasters six times since the Cenozoic.

He determined that heterogeneous original materials formed the earth and that formation of earth occurred in two stages and multi-stages evolvement. He put forward the heterogeneous component and non-uniform evolution of earth and earth-like planets. In recent years, he actively participated and guided the preparation of short-term objectives and long-term plans for moon exploration by the Chinese and served as chief scientist to the Chinese moon exploration plan.

Career Data

1994— Chairman, Guizhou Provincial Science and Technology Association Guizhou Province
1993—2001 Vice-Chairman, Provincial People's Congress Guizhou Province
1991— Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Researcher, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Geochemical Research Institute
1957—1961 Postgraduate Student, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Geological Research Institute
1956—1957 Postgraduate Student, Peking College of Geoscience Beijing Municipality
1956 Joined, CPC

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