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Huang Huahua
Member of the 17th CPC Central Committee; Deputy Director of Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee of the NPC
Born: 1946, Guangdong Province, Xingning City

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2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003

Appeared/Travelled With:
Edmund Ho Hau Wah 何厚鏵 Fang Xuan 方旋 Hu Jintao 胡锦涛 Huang Ju 黄菊 Huang Liman 黄丽满 Huang Zhiquan 黄智权 Li Changchun 李长春 Liang Guanglie 梁光烈 Lu Zhangong 卢展工 Luo Qingquan 罗清泉 Sheng Huaren 盛华仁 Shi Xiushi 石秀诗 Tang Jiaxuan 唐家璇 Tung Chee Hwa 董建华 Wang Gang 王剛 Wang Hongju 王鸿举 Wang Jinshan 王金山 Wang Shunsheng 王顺生 Wang Taihua 王太华 Wang Zhaoguo 王兆国 Wei Liucheng 卫留成 Wu Bangguo 吴邦国 Xu Rongkai 徐荣凯 Zhang Chunxian 张春贤 Zhang Dejiang 张德江 Zhang Zhongwei 张中伟 Zhou Bohua 周伯华

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Hu Jintao travelled to Guangdong Province, Chaozhou
Others Attending: Huang Huahua, Liang Guanglie, Wang Gang, Zhang Dejiang
Li Changchun travelled to Fujian Province, Fuzhou City
Others Attending: Huang Huahua, Lu Zhangong, Tang Jiaxuan, Wang Jinshan, Wang Taihua, Zhang Dejiang
Wu Bangguo travelled to Guangdong Province, Zhuhai City
Others Attending: Fang Xuan, Huang Huahua, Huang Liman, Sheng Huaren, Wang Hongju, Wang Shunsheng, Wang Zhaoguo, Zhang Dejiang
Huang Ju travelled to Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City
Others Attending: Huang Huahua, Zhang Dejiang
Huang Huahua travelled to Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City
Others Attending: Tung Chee Hwa
Zhang Dejiang travelled to Hong Kong SAR
Others Attending: Edmund Ho Hau Wah, Huang Huahua, Huang Zhiquan, Luo Qingquan, Shi Xiushi, Tung Chee Hwa, Xu Rongkai, Zhang Chunxian, Zhang Zhongwei, Wei Liucheng, Zhou Bohua
03/06/04 Li Changchun joined the panel discussions with legislators from the southern province of Guangdong. (Beijing Municipality)
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