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December 26, 2015
President Xi stresses importance of military newspaper
December 26, 2015
President Xi sends New Year greetings to PLA via social media
December 25, 2015
President Xi Jinping visits PLA Daily
December 23, 2015
Chinese defense minister holds talks with Macedonian counterpart
December 07, 2015
CMC vice chairman meets with U.S. senior retired generals
December 03, 2015
China, Bangladesh pledge to strengthen military ties
December 01, 2015
China, Australia vow to strengthen mil-to-mil relations
November 26, 2015
Xi urges breakthroughs in military structural reform
November 19, 2015
China demands U.S. stop "provocations" in South China Sea
November 12, 2015
China plans maritime, space projects in next five years
November 06, 2015
China calls for closer maritime cooperation with Vietnam
October 26, 2015
Senior Chinese military official meets with Japanese guests
October 23, 2015
China, Mozambique pledge to cement defense relations
October 23, 2015
CMC vice chairman meets with Mozambican defense chief
October 23, 2015
China-Latin America Military Logistics Forum kicks off in Beijing
October 23, 2015
Wu Shengli meets with U.S. navy captain delegation
October 22, 2015
Sun Jianguo meets Lao officers delegation
October 19, 2015
Chang Wanquan meets with Minister of Defense of Timor-Leste
October 16, 2015
China-ASEAN Defense Ministers' Informal Meeting held in Beijing
October 15, 2015
China, Malaysia pledge to deepen military cooperation
October 15, 2015
Chang Wanquan meets Myanmar, Singapore counterparts
October 15, 2015
China, Tajikistan defense ministers hold talks
October 15, 2015
China, Indonesia defense ministers hold talks
October 15, 2015
Sun Jianguo visits Iran to promote relations
October 14, 2015
China, Indonesia pledge to enhance military cooperation
October 11, 2015
Liu Yunshan attends activity to honor Chinese martyrs in DPRK
October 08, 2015
China, U.S. to expand military ties
September 30, 2015
Yu Zhengsheng stresses military's role in Xinjiang stability
September 28, 2015
Chang Wanquan meet New Zealand's DM in Beijing
September 23, 2015
China, Hungary hold defense strategic consultation, pledge more cooperation
September 22, 2015
China will never practice expansionism or seek hegemony
September 18, 2015
Fan Changlong urge carrying on V-Day parade morale
September 16, 2015
Commemoration shows world China's contribution to WWII victory
September 07, 2015
Chinese army, police warned of long fight against Tibet separatists
September 06, 2015
Fan Changlong meets with Cuban guest
September 06, 2015
Fang Fenghui talks with Cuban counterpart
September 04, 2015
China, Thailand vow to enhance military ties
September 04, 2015
China, Thailand vow to enhance military ties
September 03, 2015
Troop numbers of major countries in proportion to their populations
September 03, 2015
Xi Jinping reviews armed forces for first time at Tian'anmen Square
September 02, 2015
Chinese president honors WWII veterans
September 02, 2015
China's defense minister meets with Brazilian counterpart
September 02, 2015
China's defense minister meets with Tunisian counterpart
August 28, 2015
China, U.S. vow closer military cooperation
August 26, 2015
Xi Jinping bestows military honors
August 13, 2015
Xu Qiliang urges strong army at border
August 10, 2015
Senior Chinese, Cambodian military officials meet in Beijing
August 10, 2015
China-Vietnam military ties should be promoted: Chinese military official
August 03, 2015
Fan Changlong calls for remembrance, stronger army
August 01, 2015
PLA backs probe of corrupt military leader
July 31, 2015
China promotes 10 officers to general
July 31, 2015
Reception held to celebrate 88th anniversary of PLA's founding
July 30, 2015
Former military leader Guo Boxiong expelled from CPC
July 19, 2015
China's defense minister calls for strengthened coastal defense
July 19, 2015
Xi stresses strict management of troops in visit to NE army group
July 19, 2015
Xi stresses revival of NE China heavy industry hub
July 16, 2015
Senior military officers visit WWII exhibition
July 13, 2015
Fang Changlong stresses real combat criteria in military training
July 08, 2015
China, Laos pledge closer military ties
July 07, 2015
China holds exhibition on anti-Japanese invasion war
June 22, 2015
Official underlines national defense technology innovation
June 12, 2015
Top Chinese general's U.S. visit demonstrates maturing China-U.S. military ties: experts
June 03, 2015
Xi's remarks on educating military staff published
June 02, 2015
China, Pakistan pledge to strengthen military cooperation
June 01, 2015
China committed to upholding peace, stability in South China Sea
May 31, 2015
China fulfills obligations, plays constructive role in safeguarding regional, int'l security: senior military official
May 30, 2015
Senior PLA official meets with counterparts during sidelines of Shangri-La Dialogue
May 27, 2015
Xi urges combat readiness, anti-graft efforts for army
May 22, 2015
Chinese defense minister meets Italian air force chief
May 18, 2015
China, Malaysia agree to enhance military cooperation
May 16, 2015
China, Vietnam conclude high-level border meeting
May 12, 2015
China, Afghanistan vow stronger security cooperation
May 12, 2015
China's defense chief meets ROK Army chief
May 11, 2015
Chinese president honors Belarusian WWII veterans
May 10, 2015
China, Russia vow to promote military ties
May 06, 2015
Military leader warns against Xu Caihou influence
April 27, 2015
Guo Shengkun meets S. African police minister
April 26, 2015
Fan Changlong stresses border control
April 24, 2015
Thailand, China agree to deepen military ties
April 22, 2015
Defense chiefs of China, Cote d'Ivoire meet
April 22, 2015
Laos, China vow to strengthen military ties
April 21, 2015
China's defense chief meets military commanders of Chile, Mongolia
April 16, 2015
China's defense minister attends fourth MCIS in Russia
April 14, 2015
China, Singapore vow to deepen military cooperation
April 14, 2015
China, Singapore to cement military relations
April 13, 2015
China, Finland vow to boost military logistics cooperation
March 30, 2015
Namibia's President presents gift to Chinese DM in Windhoek
March 29, 2015
Chinese army urged to implement "Four Comprehensives"
March 26, 2015
Chinese defense minister visits Zimbabwe, pledging to strengthen ties
March 26, 2015
China urges Sri Lanka to protect Chinese companies' interests
March 23, 2015
Meng Jianzhu meets with Thai National Security Council secretary-general in Beijing
March 17, 2015
Chinese army strengthens corruption clean-up in staff housing
March 16, 2015
Xu Caihou received adequate medical care: military procuratorate
March 12, 2015
China's Xi calls for closer civil-military integration to boost army combativeness
February 25, 2015
China acts on regulating military personnel selection
February 16, 2015
Xi Jinping boards new bomber during NW China tour
February 11, 2015
Top leaders attend event celebrating military-civilian unity
February 09, 2015
Xi extends New Year wishes to veterans
January 31, 2015
Senior official stresses military's role in diplomacy
January 30, 2015
PLA pledges allegiance to Party's "absolute leadership"
January 30, 2015
China stresses more anti-corruption efforts in military
January 29, 2015
President Xi stresses diplomacy by military exchanges
January 28, 2015
China, U.S. vow to deepen military relations
January 27, 2015
Senior military official meets with U.S. Under Secretary of Defense
January 25, 2015
China pledges anti-terror support for Pakistan
January 22, 2015
Xi stresses grassroots consolidation in building stronger army
January 22, 2015
President Xi extends condolences to relatives of Zhang Wannian
January 19, 2015
Xi calls out military corruption, forbids ‘non-salary income’
January 19, 2015
Wu Shengli meets with British Sea Lord
January 15, 2015
Chinese army urged to follow central leadership
January 11, 2015
Chinese military to reshuffle grassroot officers
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